GratiFi Replaces your Bank Account

One Simple Account

Utilizes cashflow for savings, debit & investing

Spend AI

Automated diversification & liquidation

Instant Access

Investments & returns remain liquid in debit account


Powerful Features


Easily check your balances and gains

Customize Diversification

Select your risk level and hand-pick your currencies

Manual Currency Conversions

Swap currencies at your leisure to increase your chances of gain

Manually liquidate or HODL

Cash out when holdings are high or HODL them for a long-term bet

Tax Preferences

Play the long or short game with capital gains taxes.


Sleep safe at night knowing your funds are secure

Intelligent Diversification

GratiFi automatically diversifies deposits into 3 asset classes; precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies.


Intelligent Choice in Currency

Due to natural market fluctuations, at any given time one currency will have the strongest value against the dollar.


Intelligent Liquidation

When you spend from your GratiFi debit account, the algorithm detects which currency will provide the greatest gain and liquidates. The greatest available accrued gain is realized at the moment of spend.